nadi historyAround 2000 years ago, the Saptha Rishis exhibited exceptional intelligence and intuition to master various fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Astrology, and other fundamental aspects of human life. They recorded their knowledge on palm leaves, and Sage Agasthiya's writings are popular and widely found in many regions of Tamil Nadu. These palm leaves were later collected and stored at Saraswathi Mahal in Tanjore. During the British rule, the British were eager to acquire these ancient palm leaves, which contained information about herbal cures, alchemy, different types of rasayans, kayakalpa for longevity, and various branches of science. They attempted to take them all, but some of the astrological leaves were left with their loyalists. Later, during King Saraboji's reign, these leaves were transcribed and preserved with certain herbs to extend their lifespan. Some of these leaves were also put up for auction.

My ancestors were professional astrologers who purchased these leaves and started offering predictions based on them. My family has been involved in this field for the past 90 years. Every human being's future has been predetermined, including the time intervals. Agasthiya Muni has recorded the destiny of every human born during this "Kali Yug," and the time for one to learn about their predictions through nadi is also predetermined.

My elder uncle, Jothida Guru Swami Munishvarar, who belongs to our family lineage, further preserved these palm leaves by collecting them from various sources and practiced Nadi Astrology. It is a hereditary profession for us, and we received training from our elders to read the Nadi. The language used in the palm leaves is poetic and the script is different, similar to that found in ancient temples. We have a limited collection of leaves, and individuals whose leaves are present here will, in due time, come to us from any part of the world specified on the leaves. The leaves are not only for Indians but also for foreigners of other religions. Whoever is destined to learn about their future through the leaves will come to us on their own accord. In Tamil, the word "Nadi" means "destined to come on one's own accord," and this is known as "Olai chuvadi Josiyam.

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